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Newton: Captivating Flutter Particle Effects

I was playing around with the Flutter casual game toolkit and the confetti animation caught my eye. Wouldn’t be cool to easily achieve this kind of effect in a flutter app? Today, i’m eager to introduce: Newton

Newton is a highly configurable particle emitter package for Flutter that allows you to create captivating animations such as rain, smoke, explosions, and more. With Newton, you can easily add visually stunning effects to your Flutter applications.

Rain Smoke Pulse Explode Fountain
Rain Smoke Pulse Explode Fountain


To use Newton, simply add it as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file:

  newton_particles: use the latest version

Then, run flutter pub get to fetch the package.


Import the Newton package:

import 'package:newton_particles/newton_particles.dart';

Create a Newton widget and add it to your Flutter UI with the desired effects:

    // Add any kind of effects to your UI
    // For example:
    activeEffects: [
            particleConfiguration: ParticleConfiguration(
            shape: CircleShape(),
            size: const Size(5, 5),
            color: const SingleParticleColor(color:,

Enjoy the doc

A complete documentation is available here, you’ll find out how to create custom effects and all the configuration properties.

What’s come next is even better!

Configure your effect

Newton provides an effect configurator to help you tweak the effects and achieved the desired result:


The lib is still wip, don’t hesitate to give your feedback directly on github.

Really hope you’ll enjoy adding cool effects to your app. If you would like specific effects let me know!

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